Retweet for chances to WIN*

What’s this all about? Retweet to WIN? Win What? How do I enter?


1. Retweet ANY of our tweets on Twitter (
2. Submit your Name, Twitter Name, and E-mail using “Contest Form” shown below.
3. On “Contest Date”, a randomly chosen “Prize Winner” will be announced.
4. “Prize Winner” will be contacted by email on how to collect “Current Prize”.
*Contest is only valid to residents of the USA.

CURRENT PRIZE… (This is what you could win)

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CONTEST DATE… (Retweet before this date)
April 20th, 2015


1. Is this real? YES
2. Will this cost me anything? NO, the prize and shipping is paid for by Fargone.
3. Can I retweet and enter more than once? YES, but you must submit an additional “Contest Entry” for every retweet to increase your chances (1 retweet + 1 contest entry = 1 chance).
4. Can I use an automated system to enter? NO, every retweet and “Contest Entry” must be submitted individually by a real human. Anyone found to be using any type of automated process to enter will be automatically excluded from this contest.
5. Why do you require my name to enter? We have to know who you are in case you win.
6. Why do you require my Twitter name to enter? We will verify that you sent a retweet.
7. Why do you require an e-mail address to enter? We would rather contact you by using e-mail and would like to add your e-mail address to your newsletter list.
8. Will I receive spam to my email from you? NO, unsolicited email is considered spam. To opt out of our newsletter list, simply follow the unsubscribe link included with any newsletter.
9. How often do you send newsletters by E-mail? Once, maybe sometimes twice a month.


For each FargoneGames tweet that you retweet on Twitter and contest entry that you submit on this web page before the contest date, you will be entered for one chance to win the current prize on the contest date. By submitting your email address you understand it will be added to the official Fargone newsletter list, in which you can opt out of at anytime for any reason. To opt of the Fargone newsletter list, follow the unsubscribe link included with any newsletter. This contest and offer is at NO COST to you. The prize and shipping cost will be paid for by Fargone. Winners will be notified by e-mail with further instructions on how to receive the prize won in a timely manner. You agree not to use any automated robots, replication scripts, software, or hardware to submit your retweets on Twitter and to submit your contest entry. By retweeting on Twitter and submitting your contest entry and if you are a prize winner, you understand and agree to not hold Fargone responsible or liable for any damages, issues, or legal matters or costs that may arise from being part of this contest.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly.