Beta Testers


Fargone Beta-Tester Machine v3.13 Fargone Beta-Tester Brain Wave Reader v16.2 Fargone Beta-Tester Sound Test v33B-6


We are currently seeking a few good humans that would like to be part of our “Beta-Tester” team. While it is our goal to only release high quality video games, it is ultimately your feedback and testing that helps us to improve. This is an opportunity for you to try out some of our future game releases for free before they go into public distribution. Some “Beta-Phase” releases may be partially or fully developed while others may be disguised for informational gathering on mechanics or formula testing. This is purely a non-monetizing offer but may offer various rewards to our top supporters in the form of game credits and or other limited release merchandise. Join our “Beta-Tester” team today to become part of the Fargone creative family and community.

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