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Lucky you, you just found Fargone!

First established in 1999, Fargone has always been a collective of various creative talents that all share a unique but strangely different perspective on everything. As artists of mixed media, we have a long track record of utilizing our talents in many different ways for both personal and professional uses. Our backgrounds are diverse and our individual skills and abilities are mainly products of pure passion and commitment. With a distinctive range of skills and experience, time has allowed us to focus in on and dedicate to the fine craft of game making. We are all game players and were captivated by early computers as well as gaming companies, consoles and systems such as: Tandy, Commodore, Atari, Activision, Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, Williams, Microsoft, Apple, Sony and many more.

Throughout the years Fargone has been radically molded and shaped from one subject or theme to another. From odd and strange t-shirt printing and design to web graphics and unusual animation productions, Fargone has always had a sort of lost sense of direction. Many influences such as (removed) and (removed) have greatly contributed to the overall ideas, actual production output, and random history while being suppressed by an unpredictable future. At one point it seemed reasonably necessary to seriously consider selling our livers or create a cardboard homestead under a 20 million dollar bridge. However, over time and after loosing much more than our minds; we have slowly recovered and immerged with a newly progressive and reorganized greater purpose.

Umm, this will be enough for now…

-Xavier Frysun

“FARGONE GAMES are for YOU, and your mom… ENJOY!!”